Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Was Gone For A Minute, Now Im Back With The "JUMPOFF"


Like a Kid, I still daydream about flying cars
and jumping over trees in one bound. And Sadly,
I occasionally tie a towel around my neck while
in my underwear, screaming "Da Da Done"
(Superman's Theme Song) with my arms extended
in front of me. But back to the subject at hand. People
overseas sure know how to get down. Or should I
say UP!!!

If I ever get my hand on these...

Just Check Out What You Can Do...

You Can Do What You Want To Do,


Ode to my past soul. Penny Loafers with
a shiny 1976 copper penny.


Introducing my other alter-Ego...

Deucenberg Doolay

Never Forget Your Roots.....

This Is Why Im A VEGETARIAN...

I been living without meat for 4yrs now
and I never felt better. A decision I wish
I made when I was just a little tenderoni.
But Dorothy Mae wasn't having that.

I never pose my beliefs on anyone, I just
educate and enlighten. So you be the judge.


narrated by Alec Baldwin

*WARNING: You May Cry Like A Baby

The Writings On My WALL...

It's not poetry because I'm no Poet.
It's not a rap because I'm no Rapper.
It's not a commandment because I'M NOT GOD!!!

This is the Writings on my WALL

My wall is my mind.....

They say a new day begins when the sun wakes.
I say a new day begins when his heartbreaks.
It's natural to believe that he's alright
When you walk upon him and his smile is Bright.
What would it take to escape from what has already made me
Or is it too late and I'm suddenly labeled as crazy.
I see birds swimming in the deep sea,
While fish fly in the blue sky.
The air is filled with sweet cologne that I strongly breath in,
while bottled oxygen lays on my dresser slowly leaking.
So I reach in the fridge to grab a glass of heart
that's 10 days old,
to only realize the milk pumping in my veins is
filled with mold
AND I'M COLD...... (to be continued by Deaf)

X Ron

"CHICKS" Of The Week

How can I ever forget the first"Chicks"that winked
at me when I glanced my Pre-K eyes at them. It was
love at first sight. Originally know as Keds, she was a
little fresh devil. I even went bizerks when I opened
up my African American"My Buddy" and he too was
rocking them.

Sidebar: I miss My Buddy :(
Has anyone seen him?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Its A New Day For You And I...

"You can do or become
anything you set your
mind to"

Barack Obama is a prime example of that quote.

In less than 24hrs the U.S Government will
swear in the 44th President, Barack Obama.
I feel so honored to witness such a great, historic
and commendable event. When I look at his journey,
fight and struggle, I think of myself and say
"And so can you". I too dream big and now my vision
is insured with strong confidence that I can be all that
I want to be if I continue to fight, stay driven and believe
in me. YES I CAN!!!

Congratulation to the people who fought for change and
voted with hope. The journey is far from over but we will
overcome. ITS A NEW DAY!!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Radio Is Doing The Bank Head Bounce

I'll Be In The Sky.......

I heard this song and started going crazy off the
beat and chorus alone. And its ironic because I
think I met dude in my previous line of work. It
is a small world after all.


B.O.B - I'll Be In The Sky

Shouts out to Ms. Breezy for putting me on to
this track. "Where Are You Breezy" LOL

**If you like that track then check out these:


Mellow Fellow

Grip Ya Body Ft. Amy Winehouse

Generation Lost

Monday, January 12, 2009

"I Love It When They Call Me BIG POPPA"

4 More Days...
until the highly anticipated biopic of the
late Great Christopher "Biggie Smalls" Wallace
a.k.a Frank White.

Premieres 1/16/09 at a theater near you

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Two Tears In A "BUCKET"

If you've rode the NYC train and got off at any major
stop then you have witnessed and bopped your head to
the sounds of Mr. Larry Wright. I been
following Larry Wright and his family for at least 4yrs
now. The other day I watched him do his thing for
about 45 minutes and every time I'm more amazed
than the last. So I finally decided to do my research
and some investigating. Come to find out, ole Larry
Wright has been playing the "Buckets" since he was
5 yrs old. I even found a short documentary on him
that was filmed in 1990. And he's still at it 19 yrs
later. That makes Larry a "CERTIFIED LEGEND"

Larry Wright with wife, Sonia Wright.

Larry Wright Short Documentary (1990)

Interview with Larry Wright and wife Sonia Wright

Sleep Tight & Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite..

The most "Comfiest" bed I ever slept in.
Well maybe not, my mom bed was O.D comfy.
It was like a cloud puff with 100 extra soft Marcel
toilet tissue rolls inside of it (the 59 cent rolls).

I always wanted to go camping but so far I haven't
made the time to experience it. So I figured I just
buy a tent and camp out in my room every night.
To get more of that outdoors feel, I recently downloaded
a "Nature Sounds" Album. Just imagine hearing
wind howling or leaves brushing against the river
flow as an Owl or Eagle fly by. Its out of this world.


Backpacking/Backyard dome tent sleeps 2-3 People.
Fast, easy set-up with 2 poles. Features two shoe pockets,
mud mat, gear loft and carry bag.

  • Center height: 48in. Base size: 8ft x 7.5ft (6ft + 1.5ft)
  • Total area: 50.25sq ft
  • P/Taffeta 600mm tent
  • P.E. inside binding floor
  • Polyethylene mud mat
  • Shoe pocket
  • Gear loft
  • Normal pocket

The Proof is in the pudding...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

"E.T Phone Home"

As I was about to toss my Burgundy Palm Treo in the river for the Blackberry Curve. An email came my way and it read......

Its Here!! The All-New Palm Treo Pre

My mouth dropped and it was love at 1st sight.

For more details CLICK HERE

Monday, January 5, 2009

International "CHICKS" of the week

Peter Pan was the man with the plan
so I copped the Damn Tans

(I don't know what I'm saying here)

Men's Merona Josh Chukka Boot

  • Laid Back and Modern Fashion Boots
  • Tan
  • Lace-Up Closure
  • Cushioned Insole for Long-Term Comfort, Tagless Footbed
  • 1/2" Soles, Textured Tread
  • Suede Upper and Thermoplastic Rubber Outsole

**Creeping with the Peter Pan Tan's

** And yes, I'm currently dating her ",

With My GOLD WATCH and My Gold Chain...

I'm a real NOOKA !!!
(another way for saying New Yorker)

Gold Nooka ZUB ZOO GD 20

The large window displays hours (months in date mode)
and the row above counts minutes. Features chronograph
and alarm 38 x 38 x 8mm / 20mm wide band Water
resistant to 3ATM

** I sleep with it on my wrist so at night I....

**Big "WHAT HAPPENING" to my Ivory Coast Chica,
Loza Maleombho

My Radio Is Doing The Hollywood Shuffle

ADELE - Melt My Heart To Stone

She's like Chrisette Michele, Amy Winehouse, Estelle and
Corinne Bailey Rae rolled up into one.

Just Check her out for yourself.