Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Edition is LIMITED.... Part Dos

I Got One.....

Call me stingy, call me greedy, but I'm sorry I like to
be the only one or very few with certain things I really
dig. There's something about having possession to things
that only a few can have. Its hard to explain but it you suffer
from "I Want To Be The Only One With It" syndrome, then
you know what I mean.

The Good Folks over at ZARA introduced their first Footwear
Limited Edition, which can only be found in selected Zara stores.
The Collection includes three hand-painted models through a
technique named dripping. The process consists in letting the
paint drop in a spontaneous and energetic way. This technique
is characteristic of the US artistic movement from the end of the
1940s, Action Painting. This handcrafted process makes each of
the 500 units on sale uniquely limited and rare.

Limited Edition 356 out 500 ",

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