Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Edition is LIMITED.... Part Tres

I Got One....

Call me stingy, call me greedy, but I'm sorry I like to
be the only one or very few with certain things I really
dig. There's something about having possession to things
that only a few can have. Its hard to explain but it you suffer
from "I Want To Be The Only One With It" syndrome, then
you know what I mean.

The good folks over at Adidas never seize to amaze me.
On one of my usual walks in the big apple I started to feel
down so I figured I cheer myself up and buy some "CHICKS"
that would express how I was currently feeling. I walked into
TRAINING CAMP and said to myself, "Self, get out of this
store, you need to buy a new suitcase (my previous one has
seen better days) and to my surprise there were 4 suitcases
located in the back. I gazed at this bright red one but the price
tag read $350. "No way Jose". Then my eyes opened wide and
my mouth dropped, a custom-made Adidas Suitcase right before
me. It was love at 1st sight. I picked up the tag and it read $500.
(yea, I nearly past gas too). At this point the manager walks up to
me and says, "You like it, I'll give you a good price". I replied,
"No thank you, no price would do me justice if it was $500". As I'm
walking away, my back turned, the setting suddenly went into slow
motion. He slowing yelled out. "HOW ABOUT $29.99". I turned
around so fast my debit card came flying out my sleeve like I was a
ninja throwing star knives. To top it off he informed me that Adidas
only sent 2 Suitcases to his store. As I got home I went on a Google
frenzy trying to dig up anything I could on this freakishly Awesome
luggage. I started to lose hope until I stumbled on a site in
Wellington, New Zealand. It talked about the New Adidas
Concept store opening there in 2007. No pictures but they
mentioned the Custom-Made Suitcase. I wasn't satisfied with
that so I went into my trusty contacts folder and called up the
Adidas Corporate office. They ensured me of its rarity and
how lucky I was to pay what I paid. The Wooster store in SOHO
only got 4 suitcases and they sold out the 1st day. Long story short,
I'm a happy camper, literally, LOL

"We aint going no where but got Suits and Cases"

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  1. That's a FUCKING STEAL!
    I can totally appreciate the DEAL as well as the RARITY!

    The blog is cool by the way, Sade put me on.
    Keep Keeping it Corny!


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