Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Edition is LIMITED.... Part Uno


Call me stingy, call me greedy, but I'm sorry I like to
be the only one or very few with certain things I really
dig. There's something about having possession to things
that only a few can have. Its hard to explain but it you suffer
from "I Want To Be The Only One With It" syndrome, then
you know what I mean.

The Good folk over at Greedy Genius teamed up with the
illustrious department store, Barney's CO-OP New York.
This is definitely not the first time the two sides have worked
together on a project, but this is arguably their best set to date.

The Limited Edition set consist of the Battleship Cool Breeze,
Crown Phantom, and Blanca Negra Cool Breeze. The Battleship
Cool Breeze is limited to 144 pairs. and The Crown Phantom is
limited to only 127 pairs . Lastly, the Blanca Negra Cool Breeze
is limited to only 61 pairs. (I got one of the 61, ", )


  1. I really want these shoes. Would you be willing to sell?. what size are they? please get back to me, i'll make it worth your while.

  2. white and black shoes greedy genius man im intested i need these!


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