Tuesday, February 17, 2009

IM ALIVE to tell the story..

"Good dude, Bad night, Right place, Wrong time,
In the blink of an eye his whole life changed.
If you could feel how my body felt,
you would know how Kanye felt.
Thank God I ain't too cool for the safe belt"

I Constantly Thank God for all that
he has done and continue to do for me. He has yet
again brought me through another tragic incident that
could have turned out fatal. I owe every breath and inch
of my soul to him. To Glory Be The Most Highest.

Accidents do happen, but God determines the outcome.....

I am not showing these pics or telling my story for
sympathy, I REPEAT, I am not showing these pics or
telling my story for sympathy or to make you sad.
I just want to share with you the work and blessings
that God has done for me. I'm so grateful that I was
able to literally walk away from this near fatal accident
and to be typing to you today. Never lose faith on what
God can do, he's brought me through and will do the same
for you.

Last Sunday, February 8 at 1:42am, I was driving home from
a close friend's Birthday gathering in Long Island, New York. I
was on the Northern State passing exit 31 when a 19 year old
kid side swiped me from the right. The car spun out of control
and went head on into the divider. It then rolled over twice,
flipped up and landed upside down. Upon landing, it slid for
about 25ft still upside down. To be honest, I thought I was dead
on the impact but after the car stop sliding, I realize God said
"Not now, I'm not done with you yet." I do believe my
parents were looking down protecting me as I was tossed around,
holding and praying for me life. When I came to my senses I
unbuckled my seat belt and crawled out the window upside down.
Thank God for Seat Belts. In the hospital I learned that the 19yr
old kid suffers with Narcolepsy and may have fell asleep behind
the wheel. There's a lot more details but due to legal limitation,
I can't discuss upon. I'm just so blessed beyond your imagination
that I'M STILL HERE. At the moment I'm back home healing,
thinking and counting my blessings. Thanks to everyone who came
to the hospital, called, texted, emailed, visited my home, sent gifts
and flowers and most importantly Prayed for me. I am thankful for

I Love You and Please Be Careful!!!

One of the scariest moment in my life.


And I can say
Never would have made it,
Never could have made it,
Without you

I would have lost it all,
But I now how I see how you were
there for me and I can say
I'm stronger, I'm wiser, I'm better,
much better,

When I look back over all you brought me through.
I can see that you were the one that I held on to....


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  1. wow Ron,

    that is an amazing tale. i feel you, you did not post the submission for sympathy but moreso a support for our Lord and Savior and his miracles. I am happy to see you live and well and am now finding out that you have a blog.
    Check out my blog www.camillecares.com and add me to your blog roll and i will happily do the same. we should collaborate....



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